Mr. Forest Anti-Smoking Campaign in Action

Anti-Smoking OrganizationWelcome to the official website for the Mr. Forest Anti-Smoking Campaign. Our organization was established in 2012 when a group of anti-smoking advocates decided to educate the public about the shocking truth of the tobacco industry and the corruption that follows it.

Our goal is to inspire our supporters to take action in their local areas by contacting their city or state officials regarding the on-going legislations surrounding smoking laws. We are constantly seeking just and fair regulations that don’t just benefit the Big Tobacco companies.

Take Action

There are many ways our supporters can get involved. Contact your city officials and share your feelings or opinion about the smoking regulations in your city. Donate time and financial resources to our organization or other reputable anti-smoking organizations such as,, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, and other organizations in your area.

Get in Touch

We appreciate any feedback you can share with us. Visit our Contact page and use the form provided to contact our team.


Anti-smoking infographic (see image below).

Image credit: @anotherphilip